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A few minutes of your time can save a life in wasted hours! This is because Microsoft Office Activator only requires a few clicks, settings changes, and a little bit of patience at the time of setup. After that activation is done, you are ready to set on the task-taxing office jobs with style.

Before turning up those computer screens and getting productive work done, make sure to check out this guide on how to activate Microsoft Office and grant yourself an hour-long headstart.

Looking for a tutorial on how to activate Microsoft Office without having the license key?

Microsoft Office Activator: Most Windows-based computers comes with pre-installed Microsoft Office. You can activate it using our amazing software. For example, your laptop may have MS office 2013 activated but doesn’t have a warranty anymore. It’s time to activate your MS office so that you can also use it on your desk.

Activate Microsoft Office by going to ‘Settings’> user account> Choose your current edition or type, input your new registration and then click the ‘apply’ or ‘next’ button

Activate Microsoft Office so that you can quickly access word, excel and PowerPoint without the need of entering product keys.

Microsoft Office got an update with the release of Office 365 Personal and the Windows 10 Technical Preview to build 9879. Here are a few steps that you can take to activate your license card on these products:

  • Click the Start menu, search for “activate now” or scroll to the right-hand corner in Settings and select Microsoft Office” as shown.
  • You will be asked to enter your product key. Enter the key as requested by “get started”. Click Next twice and activate your current installation.

There have been claims that Microsoft has a special Activator that activates their office suite without the use of a key. Microsoft Office Activator was created by the team and they are now offering it to system administrators and Managed Service Providers in order to manage O365 usage among their users. Learn this simple trick today to activate your OEM copy of Windows 10 and MS Office 2016!

Microsoft Office Activator is designed for enterprises and system administrators who need to centrally manage identities, tokens, and licensing for businesses on commercial software or in government settings.

Activating Microsoft Office can activate key features and increase your productivity, especially when copy hunting in Word.

Starting your computer with Microsoft Office will crash any previous working version of the program, but Microsoft Office Activator gets around this and instead, generates licensing keys that can be used to activate the newer and full version of Microsoft Office on your computer. To get around limitations, you must find and run the appropriate batch files.

Microsoft Office Activator allows users to unlock all MS office but only if they have a legitimate copy of MS office. It also resets the system settings so that people can be back to square one after their trial space expires.

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